Climb Mt. Fuji

Climb Mt.Fuji by the taxi

North Exit of Mishima Station

During the term of climbing Mt. Fuji, A taxi is operated between Mizugtsuka Park and the Mt.Fuji 5th Station.
We will show you how to use, fare and required time.

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How do I get a taxi ?
You can get a taxi at the taxi stand in the Mizugtsuka park, please line up in order and get on.
Which taxi company is operating?
Taxi companies around Mt. Fuji are operating jointly.
What time does the taxi operate?
It is from 20:00 to 6:00 the next morning.
Can I reserve a taxi?
Taxi reservations are not accepted. When you arrive at the Mizugatsuka park, please get on the taxi waiting at the taxi stand.
Can I get a taxi immediately?
If there are no customers waiting and the taxi is on standby, you can get on immediately. However, depending on the days of the week and the weather, if there are many climbers, it will take time to get on.
How many shuttle taxis do you operate?
Depending on the days of the week and the weather, taxis are operated at the discretion of each taxi company. The number of taxis is not decided.
Is there a taxi where many people(5 or more adults) can ride?
All taxis can take up to 4 adults per car.
Tell me about the fee and required time.
Price (approximate): 4,740 yen
It will be 5,730 yen from 22 o'clock to 5 o'clock the next morning due to extra charge.
Time (approximate): 30 minutes
Tell me about the bus.
For the bus, please contact the following company.
FUJIKYU SHIZUOKA BUS / Phone number 0545-71-2495 ( 9:00~17:00 )