Usually, Mitsuwa-taxi does not wait at Mishima station(north exit).
We will pick you up at Mishima station, only when you have a reservation and go to Susono and Gotemba city.
If you can tell me the arrival time of the Shinkansen( bullet train ), Mitsuwa-taxi will pick you up at that time.
It is convenient without waiting time.

Tell for reservation

Mituswa-taxi will be waiting for you in the following places.

North Exit of Mishima Station

North Exit of Mishima Station

taxi and bus roundabout

North Exit of Mishima Station

The exit of the Shinkansen is the North Exit of Mishima Station. When you leave the north entrance, there is a taxi and bus roundabout in front.



Taxi stand for Mitsuwa-taxi

Please come to the sign (left picture). It is on the right side of the taxi and the bus's roundabout.
When you arrive, the taxi is already on standby.
The driver calls the customer's name or company name, please do not ride other taxis.